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I’m with Sam…who YOU with?



So here we are in A-town…home of the the dirrrrty-south! We should be home in couple of days so I’m trying to soak up as much of the trip as I can before the dream ends…..It’s been an amazing 2 1/2 months on the road with SammyB! I can’t wait to get home and have the real computing power I need to edit videos and really get you guys some great video of our entire wacky trip…so be sure to keep checking back for updates (I’ll be back on the couch in Dallas, posting as much as I can, promise, cross-my-heart)

I don’t think the enormity of the trip or the video project has hit me completely but it’s already pretty overwhelming…definitely once-in-a-lifetime and possibly life/mind-altering (not in an LSD-bad way, but in an affirming, good way).

Probably won’t wanna see SammyB for at least two weeks after we get back home (24/7 for almost 3 months is a lot!)…but we’ll both be there on Friday night for the Welcome Home party!!! So e-mail us for the info (unless you’re already on the list)…everyone is welcome to come out and buy us drinks…we’ll have a few remaining T-shirts to give away (you’ll have to earn them) and we’ll be filming, so be ready for a rollicking-good time!

just a few highlights of a trip that was a 3-month highlight reel (que ESPN music da-na-na….da-na-na):

Shanghai and Rupert
Me and Rupert (from that Letterman show)

Best T-shirt Ever….period.

It’s a really, really long trip….

See ya’ll soon back in the Big D!!!

Nor’easter….blowing your way!

So the Sams were up in New England during the last Nor’easter storm that basically blasted through the area to screw up our trip.

We blew through Vermont to make it to Camden, Maine where we were staying with my old high-school friend Elaine and her boy, Chance…made it just in time to watch them finish the butchering of a Bambi deer that Elaine had hit with her car the night before….mmmm, venison!


Just a quick post…

Last of the Mohawkans….

For my Shanghai friends, this won’t be a new thing…you’ve seen it…you’ve loved it…

For all you others out there…we were recently in Vancouver, BC wandering around Chinatown (2nd only to San Francisco’s Chinatown…U-S-A…U-S-A…U-S-A!) and came across a block of hair salons offering CD$8.99 haircuts….which is the closest I’ve come to a Chinese-priced haircut in a long time (it’s still more than twice the usual price in Shanghai, but what the heck…you only live once). As an added bonus, everyone spoke Mandarin so it felt just like Shanghai…

So there it is…

Afterwards, as we walked down the streets of Chinatown, I noticed mothers grabbing their kids and pushing them away from me…so I guess it works.


Back on track in Arizona!

So for all of you waiting for posts….we’re getting back on track with the timeline so this post comes to you from our drive south from Utah to Scottdale, AZ (suburb of Phoenix)…This is the video that kinda goes along with my previous post, “What are the poor people doing?”…

For all you readers, be sure to scroll down to the bottom of the page and check out the “Next” and “Previous” pages and stuff..there’s a lot of older content to get you caught up with us on this trip.

So just a little background to get you all warmed up and back in the spirit of things:

We got hit with a huge blizzard in Salt Lake City that closed all the roads to Park City (so poor SammyB couldn’t try out his new board and gear)…We were freezing our asses off in over 6 inches of snow and just plain miserable. We decided to push on towards our next stop in Arizona where my friend Jessica had agreed to host us….

Not a bad way to go…so the pools are heated saltwater (no chlorine)…amazing! hah hah!

On another excellent note, we have a finally recieved our t-shirts from our sponsors at Bulla Clothing! (thanks, Kirk)….Be sure to check out the link on the right.

What this means for all your people out there is that we have great “I’m with Sam” t-shirts to give away….so if you feel like hosting us for a night or just donating a few bucks…we’d be more than happy to throw you a cool one-of-a-kind shirt….

-Shanghai Sam

Ready for my Jelly!

Hey guys,

Sorry for the delays in posting..we’re getting back on track soon..but here’s a little jump ahead…we just visited the Monterey Bay Aquarium today and I just had to post some footage…it’s awesome!

We’ll keep updating this week and we should have you all caught up by the weekend….hopefully….keep checking back!

-Shanghai Sam

The Haircut

Previously, on the imwithsam roadtrip, you may have noticed Shanghai’s unruly hair causing problems, not only with the high winds of Amarillo and New Mexico, but also with the ladies (although, the hair may not be the only problem). In this weeks episode, watch as Shanghai Sam finally bows to the pressure and gets his hair trimmed at a barbershop in Scottsdale, AZ. This will be his first haircut in more than 3 months…..

Helloooooo Handsome!

What are the poor people doing?

Last night, we were hosted by my friend Jessica in Scottsdale, AZ at the amazing Westin Kierland Resort. After 11 days on the road staying in Super 8’s, hostels, and other “budget” hotels, we were ready for something different.

We almost missed the hotel driving by in the dark, until SammyB pointed out the ridiculous looking complex set way back from the road down a palm tree-lined drive…and there it was…the Westin Kierland Resort & Spa…it was a 5 minute walk just to get from the public parking lot to the main entrance….then into a giant two-level lobby with library overlooking a fire-pit outside which sat on the edge of the TPC golf course….

Jess is on a project in Scottsdale, so she’s there Mon.-Thurs. She was a great host…took us to dinner at The Greene House:

2 Johnny Black and sodas before dinner
Steamed Mussels in a savory broth for appetizer
Braised Short Ribs with a veg. puree

Amazing food!

SammyB had the organic pork chops with stone fruit glaze
Jess had the Angus Ribeye with mashed potatoes and red cabbage

After dinner we went back to the hotel and met up with Jess’ coworker Mike for drinks outside by the ginormous fire-pit overlooking the golf course…more Johnny Black along with Kir Royale’s for the ladies (which includes Mike “I’ll have what Jess is having” Turon)…apparently Jess had been a little drunky the night before at the fire-pit and had gained some notoriety with the other guests (she was recognized by more than one guest by name, but she didn’t recall any of them)…..hmmm…drunky Jess is apparently fun Jess!!

Had a great night in a room overlooking the golf course and woke up to a beautiful 70 degree Thursday with a clear blue sky and the hotel’s heated saltwater pools waiting….ummm….make that 2 heated saltwater pools AND a fully-functioning lazy river and waterslide….with full poolside service….what are the poor people doing?!!

Less then two days after below-zero ass-freezing in Salt Lake City and driving through a blizzard, I got sunburned in Scottsdale courtesy of the wonderfully generous Jess!!! Awesome! Video is on the way…keep checking back!

Hazzards and the Sam Boys….

Before I get into the hazards we encountered yesterday driving into Salt Lake City, I just want to do a quick overview of Denver….

SammyB did a great job with the restaurants in Denver…hats off to him for his two Japanese picks:

Domo – Traditional Japanese Country Cookin’ at it’s best…I had a big bowl of chicken, beef, and pork cooked together in a savory, spicy soyu broth with vegetables and glass noodles…amazing with rice! Thin slices of beef and pork, meltingly tender and juicy and larger pieces of chicken all just a little bit spicy and delicious on rice.


The main course came with 8 different little appetizer dishes including marinated and pickled vegetables, slow cooked meatballs, stewed beef with potatoes, sauteed peppers…etc…


The restaurant is also a fully functioning dojo for aikido with a museum and a beautiful rock garden. Definitely a must-eat if you’re ever in Denver.

Oshima Ramen – a Hole-in-the-Wall Japanese ramen restaurant…Amazing yet so simple! The restaurant is just a narrow bar with counter seating and a few small tables. The menu really only has 5 choices and then variations on those (more meat, different soup base, with our without a side of pan-fried gyoza). The best seller is probably their main ramen: perfectly cooked ramen noodles with Japanese char-shu (bbq) pork, a whole egg, and veggies in a light soyu broth with bits of slow cooked ground pork and onions. The side of pan-fried gyoza is a must. 5 gyoza lightly pan-fried and served with a mustard-vinegar sauce. Deee-licious!


*e-mail us for directions to these wonderfully delicious restaurants

okay…so them two Sam boys got themselves into some fun on the drive from Denver to Salt Lake City…

We were heading out of Fruita (right on the CO/UT border) and got some advice from a local boy to head down local highway 6 instead of Interstate 70 to get to the state border….so I’m driving down this little two lane highway (and by two-lane I mean one lane in each direction) and it’s starting to get dark…kinda that dusky light where you can’t really see that well and your headlights are still kinda useless…when suddenly there’s a brown cow staring at me down the road!

It took me a second to realize that there was a COW on the road before I hollered at SammyB and slammed on the brakes! For the next few minutes we did about 5 mph through a herd of cows in the middle of nowhere Colorado…mind you, there are no other cars on this road and by now it’s barely even paved…so really, we can only do about 40mph without shaking the car apart.

We finally get past the cows and drive right past the connecting road that will take us back to the interstate….I pull a u-turn in front of a lone farmhouse and the car is suddenly attacked by two dogs (one mottled white and one black as night)…they’re barking their heads off and running alongside and in front of the car…i’m doing 2 mph trying not to hit these dogs or run over their feet….the big black monster is barking right at my window as it runs alongside my left front tire…I’m freakin’ out and laughing at the same time and trying not to hurt these dogs….SammyB is screaming at me to watch out for the white dog as I’m trying not to kill the black dog…we were so freaked out we forgot to film (probably too dark anyways)…HOLY COW!!!

Finally, we’re getting close to Salt Lake City when the snowstorm hits…I’ve never driven a car in a snowstorm…the snows flying at the windshield like we’re in Warp or something….all this on curvey mountain roads….awesome! When we finally get to SLC, the roads are all covered in ice and snow and I’m hydro-planing all over the place! I don’t respond well to the brakes not working when I step on them…really trippy….you step on the brakes and the car keeps going and then you kinda steer the glide away from other cars….scary fun..but we arrived in one piece and everything….guess you can’t keep those Sam boys down!

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Model Pharmacy + Green Chile Stew = Happy Sam

We rolled into Alburquerque around lunch time on Tuesday and our RoadFood guidebook suggested a soda fountain diner in the back of a pharmacy….why the heck not??!!!

Turned out to be a really great hole-in-the-wall place with nice people and great food.

New Mexico is known for its Green Chile Stew…We had it at least once a day (sometimes twice a day) for the 3 days we spent in New Mexico…every place has it’s own recipe, but it’s based on on stewed green chiles, pork, potatoes and veg…..spicy!!!

Missy, our server, was great and suggested some great places to grab a drink in ABQ too!

U.S. hostels make me hostile

What a friggin’ dump!

So last night we stayed in the Route 66 Hostel in Albuquerque, NM….35 bucks for a double room….

– T.V. had one channel (NBC)
– Bathroom had one light (the other bulb blew out)
– exactly 2 plugs in the entire room (we need 6 just for our personal electronics)
– bed leaned towards the right…turning in sleep was an uphill battle

my words don’t do it justice…it was so much worse…

anyhow, that’s the end of staying in hostels…we wanted to do it to experience hostel life in the U.S. (Result: sucks, nothing like Europe or even Asia…no cool people hanging out or anything)

*plus, we can stay in Motel 6’s and such for similar if not cheaper prices…and we also have friends that are willing to host us…

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