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LIVE from Peet’s Coffee in North Cherry Creek (Denver)

So I’m pre-writing this as we’re heading up Hwy 285 from Salida, Colorado to Denver. We just finished a power trip through the Colorado mountains from Pagosa Springs to Durango to Telluride to Crested Butte. We’re surrounded by fourteeners (14,000+ foot mountains) full of lush evergreens powdered by snow. There are some crazy-go-nuts bicyclers headed down the highway as well. We should be in Denver by the late afternoon where we’ll grab dinner at Domo, one of the top-rated Japanese restaurants in the nation. For those of you who don’t know, I used to live in Denver and Domo was always a “must visit” whenever visitors came into town. Another place I’m looking forward to eating at is Oshima Ramen. But I’ll save the details for our videos.

Durango is my favorite place relocation-wise so far. It’s the hub for the entire southwest region of Colorado and part of the “four corners” region spanning Colorado, Utah, Arizona and New Mexico. Durango’s a livable town with just about every outdoor activity you can think of within easy driving distance. There are some great hot springs nearby (we soaked in the one in Pagosa Springs…awesome!) along with “epic” skiing at Wolf Creek and Telluride, according to one of the locals. There’s even ice climbing in Ouray. We’ll that’s it for now. Keep checking back for the latest posts, photos, videos and polls.


Musta took the wrong turn at Albuquerque…

We’re here at the Holiday Inn in Santa Fe and I finally have a moment to catch my breath and do some updating. We Pricelined this 3-star hotel for about the same price as the hostel we stayed at in Albuquerque. The Holiday Inn has everything we need including a 4th floor view of the mountains. (None of the buildings in Santa Fe are over 4 stories.) Gotta love Priceline!

After Amarillo, Shanghai and I made our way to Roswell then Albuquerque then Santa Fe. If I’ve learned anything from this trip so far, it’s how to spell Albuquerque. Even the locals tend to abbreviate it as just ABQ. Check out our updated Flickr photos. We have some video footage as well but it may take some time to get it edited and uploaded.

Albuquerque and Santa Fe are the first places we’ve been to that are actually on my “to visit” list. The clear blue skies, snow dusted mountains and green trees were a sight for sore eyes after the seemingly endless plains of Texas and eastern New Mexico. Albuquerque is a medium-sized city (about 500,000 people) that looks old but is going through the early stages of revitalization. There’s a long stretch along Route 66 featuring renovated buildings with many eclectic shops, bars, restaurants, etc. and the University of New Mexico. Santa Fe is just an hour north of Albuquerque and has a smaller community feel to it. The city has done a great job of preserving its adobe architecture. Even the McDonald’s resembles an adobe-style house. There’s also a town square called The Plaza where we will be heading tonight for dinner and drinkie drinks. The best thing about both cities is the mountains towering in the background. But I prefer the tighter community feel and uniqueness of Santa Fe to Albuquerque. Plus I’m looking forward to checking out Aspen Vista in Santa Fe’s Sangre de Cristo mountains tomorrow morning on our way to Durango, Colorado.

I don’t think I could live in Santa Fe. The population is older in general and the nightlife is a little too sedate for me right now. There was a Mardi Gras band hopping from bar to bar that was pretty cool. We happened upon a decent bar called El Paseo where the Jagermeister girls were. But the coolest thing was, out of the handful of people we met in Albuquerque, we ran into two of them in Santa Fe. What are the chances??

Here’s our planned route as we make our way from New Mexico to Colorado to Utah. We’re going to try to make it to Denver by Friday or Saturday in case any of you want to meet us out.

New Mexico to Colorado Map
Roswell -> Albuquerque -> Santa Fe -> Durango -> Telluride -> Crested Butte -> Salida -> Denver/Boulder/Fort Collins -> Fruita

-Sammy B

You voted! You got it! Operation Tipping Cow….

Thanks for all the votes on our poll for things to do in Amarillo, TX….We had a great time here, but before we left we had to fulfill our duty to you, our faithful viewers and friends…so here it is (drumroll, please)….SammyB tipping a cow in Amarillo, TX…

Keep checking back for new polls and keep voting….

Shanghai Sam

Almost there…

I finally finished my taxes and didn’t have to pay out the nose as I had feared! Pretty much all that’s left to do on my end is pack and head up to Shanghai’s place tonight.

A few friends took me out to Hooters to watch the Mavs down the Rockets…again. Here are a few pics. We should have a Flickr photo feature working on this site soon. The third pic is of the survival gear Tony got us as a going away gift. If we live through this trip we just might have him to thank. Thanks, Tone!

The Gang @ Hooters Tony’s birthday? Survivorman Jr.

Road Goodies

Seems like the days are just flying by there’s so much to do… Thursday will be here too soon and at the same time, not soon enough. Today was a shopping day and I knocked out a few road supplies.

Road Goodies!
click for a larger pic

Sheepskin seat cover…aww yeah, you know you want one! Other highlights:

> Gerber MultiTool
I’m not quite sure if or how we’ll ever use this, but Survivorman never leaves home without one so neither will we.

> Prestone De-Icer windshield washer fluid
I already learned the hard way that you can’t use our regular Texas windshield washer fluid up in the mountains; it freezes. Picture me suddenly going from slightly dirty windshield to totally blind driving on I-70 in the Colorado Rockies…not fun!

> Drivin’ Food
I already have a bunch of Clif Bars and stuff like that, but that’ll get old pretty quick. Costco to the rescue! Now we’ll also be stuffing our faces during the drive with trail mix, Kashi TLC granola bars, Mrs. Mays Naturals Pumpkin Crunch, Almond Crunch and Cashew Crunch (uber tasty), Sahale Snacks Sing Buri (never tried it before but it looks interesting…soy glazed cashews, pineapples, peanuts, sesame seeds, lemongrass and Chinese chili), and more beef jerky than you can shake a stick at, if you were so inclined.

> Maps & Travel Books
The real coup de grace came courtesy of AAA. Well, not courtesy really…I did have to buy a membership. But if you ever do a road trip, the price is more than worth it. I mainly bought the membership in case we ran into trouble on the road and needed a tow or jump. I stopped by the local AAA office today hoping to get a couple of simple maps printed off. Instead, I walked out with 24 detailed maps and 21 TourBooks. It had to have been several hundred dollars worth of stuff and it was all included as part of my membership! Nice.

Alrighty, really just felt like posting something to get my part of the blog started. Better get back to doing taxes since we probably won’t make it back before April 17.


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