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I’m with Sam…who YOU with?

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Another quick update…

We’ll be in Chicago on April 6th in case anyone wants to try to meet up there that weekend.

Who’s on first?

Just a quick update from Missoula, Montana…

While we were leaving Spokane, Washington, we decided to skip Banff and head through Idaho to Kalispell, Montana. After a night there we went up to beautiful Glacier National Park and are staying in Missoula tonight. But that’s not the reason for this post. A while back you voted to have us try and get a Texas Ranger baseball player to say our tagline, “I’m with Sam, who YOU with?” Well, we actually made it out to the very first Rangers Cactus League spring training game in Surprise, Arizona, and here’s what we came up with…

Yeah, it’s hard to hear, but he said it!

Here We Go Again

After a fun-filled weekend with our friends in Seattle, Vancouver and Whistler, the Sams are back on the road again…this time heading east! Despite an unpleasant run-in with the Canadian Border Patrol on the way to Vancouver, we’re headed back up to Banff, Alberta. (There was an uncomfortably long stare-down match between Shanghai and the lovely border patrol lady after she exclaimed, “why would you do such a stupid thing?” referring to our attempt to videotape the border crossing.) Many people have told us Banff is just unbelievably beautiful so we’ve added it to the trip. Here’s a map of the route we have planned from Seattle to Mount Rushmore. We’ll be camping out in Yellowstone National Park along the way. Can’t wait!

Seattle to Mt Rushmore Map


My Milkshakes on the Road Again

Shanghai and Sammy B. haven’t updated in a while but luckily, we have loyal readers sending us content. These two clips are courtesy of good friend Steve B. from L.A. Be forewarned, the clips aren’t pretty.


It’s 5 O’Clock Somewhere!

OK, this is the only time I can say this but screw you Sam and Sam! I’m in Costa Rica right now enjoying the breezy temperature, white sandy beaches, and beautiful waves while sipping on ice cold cervezas. Yes, I’m finally doing something other than maintaining this website as your bucket boy while you two are out cruising on route 66 and having the times of your lives. Screw you!

Oh, and there’s a new poll out there for all you loyal readers.


Lake Tahoe Weekend

Howdy boys and girls…just a quick update while we are taking a break in sunny Phoenix… We’ll likely be in Lake Tahoe the weekend of March 16th in case any of you want to meet us out there.

Flagstaff, Arizona and don’t forget Winona…and Phoenix, Mesa, Tucson…

The Sam boys are moving too fast through Arizona so I thought we should do a poll for the whole state instead of one city. The Sams will be going to San Diego eventually so help think of some interesting things for them to do.


Dem Sam Boys are Headed for Trouble

After a great time in New Mexico, the Sams are off to Colorado and some Rocky Mountain fun. We’ve got a new poll to the right for the Sams to do once they get to Denver. Take a look and cast your vote!

Writing in this blog and commenting on the Sams’ progress makes me feel like Waylon Jennings as the voiceover narrator in the Dukes of Hazzard. You know, when he says something like this before it cuts to commercial: “Well, looks like dem Duke boys are headed for a heap trouble. Ya’ll don’t go too far now, ya hear?”

-Justin, Interweb Master

Little Green Men

The Sams are off to Roswell, New Mexico after spending a day in Amarillo. There’s no time for a poll so just leave messages on what they should do before leaving Roswell. Here’s the entry about Roswell, NM in wikipedia.


Here We Go…….

We’re on our way! Join us as we kick-off the road trip aboard the S.S. Roadtrip! We finally got our sh*t together and managed to get on the road….

Keep checking back for daily blogs and videos live vicariously through us..the two Sams!! It’s gonna be a blast!

I’m with Sam….who YOU with?!

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