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I’m with Sam…who YOU with?


The Exploits and Adventures of the two Sams!

Join the two (count them…1…2) Sams as we circumnavigate these United States of America and our friendly neighbors to the north. (Canada, eh…) We’ll be eating, drinking, playing, and drinking across North America as one Sam (Sammy B) looks for a new place to live and the other Sam (Shanghai) looks for a new way to avoid getting a real job.

We’ll be looking to meet new people and experience new places all along the way…especially other people named Sam! So if you’re a Samuel, Samson, Samantha, Saminopolovsky or any other Sam (or even if you’re not), follow our trip on the magical InterWeb and let us know where you are…we may be just around the corner! We’d love to feature your hometown, restaurant, office, bar, or living room right here on our site!

I’m with Sam…who YOU with?

Superman and Seinfeld…Sam and Sam

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