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Last of the Flickr Photos

Thanks to everyone who came to Karma to welcome us back! It was good to see our DFW friends again after 2 1/2 months on the road.

I uploaded the last batch of road trip photos to Flickr and am working on filling in the rest of the captions. And I’ll post a summary of my thoughts on the trip here sometime this week or next.

The questions I’ve been asked most since the end of the trip (other than “what’s up with the red top?”) are “what’s next?” and “what’s going to happen with this website?” I’ll touch on some of that in my next post. This road trip was just the first of many adventures for Shanghai and me, and this website will likely transform into three sections: an archive section (where this site will go), a site for Shanghai’s adventures across America and China, and a site for my own ongoing adventures. So until next time…



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