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Two Girls for Every Boy (2/3)

Bonjour from Montreal! We’re having a great time during or stint back into Canada, eh. Despina was an awesome host in Toronto and Montreal is pretty sweet so far too. Just wanted to get another SoCal flashback update in before heading back out on the town. We’ll be in Burlington, Vermont tomorrow followed by Camden & Portland, Maine. I’ll add pics to this post later as I get a chance.

While out in the OC/LA area we hit several beaches, including Laguna, Doheney and Huntington. We even took our very first surfing lessons on Huntington (aka Surf City USA). Our instructor was veteran surfer, Ted, at Zack’s Beach Resorts, located right next to the Huntington Beach Pier. To start things off right, I came out of the restroom with my wetsuit on inside-out AND backwards. Once that little snafu was corrected we were off and running and crashing into waves and falling and crashing into waves and falling and, well, you get the idea. Although the waves at Surf City USA were smaller than usual, they were still way too big, fast and crunchy for beginners like us. But it was still a blast trying. I did manage to actually stand on a wave for about two seconds toward the beginning of our lesson and body surfed several others but the crashing waves really took their toll. Before I knew it I was too tired to keep my balance anymore. Doheny Beach, recommended by Kelso, was much better suited for beginners due to its smaller and slower waves. Unfortunately, they weren’t renting wet suits so we ended up just hanging out on the beach there. Maybe we’ll subject ourselves to the punishment again in Florida.


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