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I’m with Sam…who YOU with?

This is how we do it in the OC (1/3)

Hello from freezing Chi-Town! First of all, congrats to our dear friends back in Big D, Justin & Anna, who are celebrating the first year of what we affectionately refer to as the “Big Mistake.” Just kidding, Anna! 😀 Justin & Anna have been happily married for an entire year now…how time flies. They are celebrating in Dallas in the April SNOW! Crazy… I actually have to be back in Dallas for a wedding by late May so we’ll see how the remainder of the trip schedule goes. But for now, on with the updates!

Flashback: March 5th, 2007. (The 1st of my 3-part catch-up series for SoCal.) We arrived in Orange County after a breathtaking drive up the PCH. First stop, Shanghai’s aunt’s place in Mission Viejo where we were treated to the awesome homemade food & hospitality only relatives can provide. I’d been to LA before but never the OC. It was rediculously nice though a little too suburban for my taste. We met up with Kim, Steph, and Shanghai’s friend, Kelso. Kim and her ludicrously cute shi-tzu puppy, Gizmo, put us up for a night. Kim and her coworkers, Rob & Mike, also took us out for drinks and tasty dim sum at Sam Woo’s in Irvine. Kim works for a not-to-be-named famous video game company and, despite my best efforts, neither her nor her coworkers would reveal anything about the top-secret project they are feverishly working on. Guess we’ll just have to wait and see… It was good to see Steph too. I hadn’t seen her since my trip out to Cali a couple of years ago for the Coachella Music Festival. I’ll let Shanghai tell you about Kelso but mad props to him for basically giving us his place to stay in Costa Mesa while he was whisked away on “work.”

Steph and the Sams
Steph with the Sams in the Irvine Spectrum

Blizzard & SammyB at Sharky’s
SammyB, Mike, Kim & Rob at Sharky’s in Costa Mesa

Gizmo, Kim’s shi-tzu puppy

Flickr Photos have been updated all the way through last night in Chicago so enjoy!


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