Favorite Things

No whiskers on kittens or raindrops on roses here. These are a few of my favorite things.

The Five-Minute Journal
This is an effective and convenient way to establish and maintain a daily journaling habit. I hesitated buying this at first because I figured I could just record the same information electronically or in my own notebook. I, however, could never seem to make this a daily habit until I invested in this well-made journal. Tim Ferriss uses this as part of his daily routine as well.

Lifefactory Bottles and Containers
Lifefactory makes glass bottles, cups, and food containers. Many plastics have proven to leach hormone disruptors and other unhealthy chemicals so I avoid plastics as much as possible. Lifefactory's products are made of glass with a protective silicone exterior. The caps and lids are made of polypropylene that is free of both BPA and BPS.

Vitamin D3 with K2
Most people these days are deficient in Vitamin D due to poor nutrition and not getting enough sunlight. This can play a part in various health problems. I am a relatively healthy eater who gets more sunlight than the average person, but I still take 5,000 - 6,000 IUs of Vitamin D3 daily. Vitamin K and magnesium work together with Vitamin D so you may want to consider supplementing these as well. The Vitamin D Council is a good resource for more information on this important vitamin.

As I mentioned in the section about Vitamin D, magnesium works together with that important vitamin. Magnesium is another element we tend to be deficient in due to our poor soil composition. Don't just pick up any old magnesium though. Most of the magnesium supplements sold out there contain the cheap and much less effective magnesium oxide. Instead, look for a supplement containing magnesium glycinate or other more bioavailable form of magnesium.

Nourishing Traditions
Currently, this is my favorite overall cookbook. Originally published in 1995 (and revised since then), much of its revolutionary against-the-grain nutritional advice and recipes have been proving true and healthy in the latest nutrition research.

The Plant Paradox
This is currently my favorite book on nutrition. I was skeptical of the author at first because he tends to overmarket himself and his products, but his experience, research, and reasoning appear to be sound for the most part. Proper nutrition is a constantly moving target, and no books 100% agree with one another another. But if I had to pick just one book's advice to follow right now, it would be this one.

School of Rock
I played musical instruments when I was a kid but stopped when I went to college so I could focus more on my studies. As an adult, I tried to get back into it but could never seem to stick with it. School of Rock provided the missing ingredient. That ingredient was playing and performing with others. When I was a kid, I had orchestra and a friend to play with. As an adult, I didn't know any musicians around my level. Plain music lessons were just not very fun or motivating. School of Rock incorporates a band and performance aspect that makes learning and playing fun and keeps you motivated with regular band rehearsals on top of lessons. The schools are aimed at children, but many of the schools offer adult bands as well.

NOTE: I will keep adding to and revising this list so be sure to check back!