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SS Road Trip was an 18,000 mile road trip I did with one of my college buddies, also named Sam, back in 2007. We handed out t-shirts (we even had a t-shirt sponsor) during our trip that had "I'm with Sam" on a one-way sign, a play on the old I'm with Stupid t-shirts. It was the original impetus for the creation of this website.

Now, this website serves as a blog for me to help others by sharing the wisdom I've gathered over the years.

Wisdom Feed

1/24/2018: I added a new favorite site, Hooktheory, to my page on playing music.

8/24/2017: Lately, I've been preoccupied with getting back into playing music. Read my new post if you want a little inspiration on bringing more creativity into your life.

8/1/2017: What is the key to success? If you have trouble focusing or are unhappy with your current level of success, definitely give this a read.

7/31/2017: I added handy Plant Paradox Program references and a funny video about keeping up with nutrition to the nutrition page.

7/26/2017: Here's a quote that's been one of the wisest pieces of advice I've ever received.

7/21/2017: Another important post, this one on the topic of environmentalism! Read it, especially if you think you know all there is to know about the subject. Also added my favorite meditation to the meditation page.

7/20/2017: Related to my previous post about being, I created a post focused on living your life through screens.

7/19/2017: Thinking about a possible career change? You'll want to read my post on changing careers. I also added a page featuring my favorite news stories of the moment.

7/18/2017: Started a page on the super efficient muscle gain program, Occam's Protocol.

7/17/2017: An important note about our use of plastic.

7/15/2017: Meditation is so important to this site it just got its very own page!

7/14/2017: Here's the start of my important nutrition page.

7/13/2017: Find out why I created this site and its purpose.

7/12/2017: Here are some of my favorite things!

7/11/2017: Learn about mental health, meditation, and being a friend in my post about being.

7/10/2017: Here is my first tidbit of wisdom on courage.

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"All common sense begins as profound discovery." - me